mapsmate it's a social app to review points of interest like restaurants and museums all around the world.

In the app you can signup, follow your friends and view all the places that your friends have reviewed, this way you can be sure to read reviews from people with interests similar to yours.

The app it's developed with React Native and designed with Figma.
During the development, I worked on both the programming and the designing side.



Moovy it's an educational and therapeutic tool for children with autism and speech disorders developed by Politecnico di Milano and Università di Milano Bicocca.

The scope of my work in this project was to conceptualize and implement the new design of the control panel for therapists. I've also worked on extending and adding features to the backend of the system and the code of the physical board.

The control panel it's developed with Vue.js and designed with Figma.
Instead the backend it's written in Node.js.



Adrenalina it's a board game and it has been recreated as a multiplayer online game.

The scope of this university project was to implement a server to host matches, and a client to play.
The client is implemented both as a Graphical User Interface and as a Textual User Interface so that is also playable from the terminal.

The game uses original assets and it has been developed with Java using JavaFX for the GUI and multiplayer works both via socket or via an RMI.

Registro Elettronico


Registro Elettronico was a native Android application for students and their parents to view grades and homework.

The application was compatible with all the schools that used the same online school register of my high school and in fact, it was downloaded more than 5000 times from all over Italy.

Written in Java and worked both on the design and the code.


2014 - 2017

One of the biggest Italian Minecraft multiplayer servers. It offered 8 game modes all built from scratch to customize every detail.

To manage hundreds of players every day the server was managed by 25+ volunteers coordinated by me and the other founders.

The game server was hosted in a distributed architecture of Ubuntu dedicated servers. The game modes were programmed in Java while the web platform was developed with Laravel.